Dec 18 2014

USA, ended up in the electric chair in 14 years. The truth after 70 years: was innocent.

In the spring of 1944 was executed in the electric chair, in 14 years. But George Stinney jr, the youngest who was sentenced to death in the history of the United States, was innocent. The truth with justice have come together, but after 70 years. His is a story that leaps out from the dark years of racism. The black boy had gone to the gallows in South Carolina for the double murder of two white teenagers were found dead with his skull smashed. Mary Emma Thames and Betty June Binnicker, 7 and 11 years, were massacred by bars. Stinney was arrested after witnesses had reported seeing him collect flowers along with the two victims. The boy confessed. But that truth was extorted by violence. No doubt he was sentenced by a jury composed of whites only. After not even two months ended up in the hands of the executioner, just 12 weeks before the arrest. But in 2004 a historian to study the case. Discovers – as reported by Corriere della Sera – black holes that costellarono the investigation and process: the evidence against George were very few. In 2013 officially reopening is sought legal proceedings. And in January 2014 the judge Carmen Mullen hears testimony of brother and sisters of Stinney jr, and other personme. Autospia results are reviewed and collapse. The epilogue now, with the revocation of the sentence.  "The State of South Carolina was a great injustice," said today the judge Mullen.  "It has raised a cloud", moved the younger sister, Katherine Robinson, now in his eighties, who for years has fought to reopen the case. . For more insights regarding this subject visit

Dec 18 2014

European Justice endorses some types of stem cell patenting.

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has endorsed this Thursday patenting stem cells from routes domestic whose development has been stimulated without fecundacin, provided that they are not suitable to become a human being. The ruling clarifies a sentence before 2011′s own Court, prohibition to patent the cells mother obtained from a human embrin. The sentence refers to the case of the company of biotechnologist International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO), which present in United Kingdom two patent applications relating to a technology that produces cells mother from routes domestic activated without sperm, using technical qumicas and electrical. London denial services both requests acogindose to the judgment of the Court of Justice of 2011. But the companys resorted alleging that restrictions on patentability which fixes this bug do not apply to her since technology which, in the absence of parental DNA, the activated Jet is not capable of becoming a human being. In its ruling on Thursday, the Court of Justice declares that to be able to be described as ‘human embrin’, a non fertilized human Jet must have necessarily intrinsic capacity to become a human being. Accordingly, the mere fact that a human Jet activated by partenognesis started a process of development is not enough to consider it a ‘human embrin’, says the ruling. On the other hand, in the event that the Jet had intrinsic capacity to become a human being, must be treated in the same way that a human Jet fertilized, at all stages of their development, highlights the Court of Justice. In this regard, the sentence says that it corresponds to the justice britnica check whether, in the light of knowledge tested and validated by international medical science, organisms that are the subject of applications for registration of ISCO they have ability intrinsic to become human beings. The purpose of patenting this kind of cells is for use in the treatment of certain pathologists. Once is activated by Jet partenognesis begin to multiply the cells and, after a few das, is will for therapeutic use. For Adam Cooke, a partner of the law firm representing ISCO, the decision of this Court is a big step in the right decision, said to Reuters. . For additional facts regarding this subject visit

Dec 18 2014

Buy trip with his girlfriend leaves him. And he starts with a namesake.

PlatonicoSi trip is a purely platonic trip underlined Jordan Axani Ap Agency. From this assumption the new Elizabeth. Of course, at the beginning it seemed one thing a bit disturbing and very extravagant: going on a trip around the world with a complete stranger, says Elizabeth. Then we were on the phone and now I find it frightening and somewhat less grandiose. However a problem there. The new Elizabeth girlfriend. The latter is not very happy that her Elizabeth leaves with a stranger, but realizes that she has always loved to travel and he now has the chance to do so and then resigned to his girlfriend’s trip with another man. The story of us serious, comforting him Gallagher. We want to buy a House and we have a dog, I’m not sure looking for another man. SAR cos? The journey from the 21 December from New York. The two arrive in Milan and then continue to Prague, Paris, Bangkok, New Delhi and Toronto. Thanks to media attention came forward also sponsors. The two stay in hotels in the Marriott Hotel chain. The rooms? Strictly separated. . Inspirational facts could be read visiting the following resource.

Dec 18 2014

Rajoy said that he resigns ‘exclusively for personal reasons’.

The President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, has assured Thursday that the reasons for the dimisin of the Attorney general of the State, Eduardo Torres-Dulce, are exclusively personal, at the time who has considered that it is early to talk about who relieve you in office. The Lord Torres-Dulce has resigned for reasons exclusively personal, which I respect, naturally, because the personal reasons are always respectable, Rajoy said to the press in Brussels, to where he has traveled to participate in the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the EU. Asked about the heat of the PSOE, that it has accused of having to resign to the Attorney general, Rajoy has lamented that you whatever happens and whatever happens, the position of the PSOE is always the same: ‘blame it on the Government’. Won’t lose a minute on that subject, has added, on the scan of the opposition. The Prime Minister has not wanted to pronounce on the candidate to succeed Torres-Dulce, nor clarify whether be of a similar profile, to argue that it is too early to know, given that the dimisin has been known this Thursday. Torres-Dulce, Rajoy has wanted to, besides, highlight your work, dedication, effort and success in your management, at the time who wished him to do the best thing possible in their future responsibilities. . Additional facts can be read visiting

Dec 18 2014

Death in the dungeons of Oviedo a woman arrested hours earlier.

A woman of 42 years has died this morning in Oviedo of the Superior headquarters of police lock-ups, where bean was transferred by assaulting his father at the family home. Police sources reported that the death was caused by natural causes and after that the detainee be given high in the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA), where had been moved for their assistance given the State of excitacin presenting. The woman had been arrested at 00. 30 pm yesterday by a patrol of Local police after assaulting his father, although it was necessary to move it first to the hospital in an ambulance for the State presenting. The woman, sightless guarded in the health resort of Oviedo to receive the high medical, was subsequently led to the dungeons, where falleci this morning. Advised the judicial Commission and the forensic mdico, came in comisara it for the lifting of the corpse. Autopsy to determine the exact death causes, although the first print of the physicians, according to informs the police, who died of natural causes. . You can check this url to learn extra regarding this great subject.

Dec 18 2014

Prison for four jihadist arrested for capturing women.

The judge of the national audience Santiago Pedraz has sent to prison to three women and a man arrested this week for being part of a network that recruited young women through social networks and forums of WhatsApp to send them to fight to Syria and Iraq in the Islamic State (EI). more Informacioninternada in a center the smaller jihadist arrested in Melilla irresistible magnet Expedientados the parents of the girl of the ‘Burqa’ radical Islam by the Islamic State dropout women: "O wear full-face veil or they will be punished" women in Jihad, to cook and fathering three children involved have responded to questions from the judge and the Prosecutor while a fourth has refused to testify until the secret In summary, according to judicial sources. After hearing them, the judge has sent everyone to prison accused of a crime of integration in terrorist organization. The network had captured through Internet and WhatsApp to 12 young people, many of them from Ceuta and Melilla. The direct recruiting were four young women, two of them of Melilla – a minor that processed at a juvenile of Madrid Centre – another of Ceuta and another arrested in Barcelona, born in Viña del Mar (Chile). Commissioner General of police arrested Tuesday, also a fifth person connected to this network, a man who helped the recruiting. Moroccan forces detained, for their part, two men in Castillejos, the Moroccan town close to Ceuta, to justice in the country alui. The network was led by two detainees in Morocco, although these were always in the shade. The work of recruitment and acolitas cam was in the hands of young women, who were "very effective", according to counter-terrorism sources. The four, according to the Ministry of the Interior, "were very radical and convinced the cause", and had a steering fluid social networks. His work began primarily on Facebook, where the recruiting inserted "counter-argument" messages about "the crisis of values in today’s Western society". This only decline can be overcome, they expected them to the concerned, with more strict Islam. Those who answered and showed his interest were redirected to the forums private whatsapp, where began the bombing of the recruiting so they will move on to action. And only if, in more restricted forums, some of the contacted gave her Yes to more radical Jihad, the recruiting with the recruited were face to face with them and put its offer of redemption on the table. . Original source may be read reading the following info.

Dec 15 2014

Hostage-taking in Sydney: hostage-takers apparently identified.

Although he said his sympathies since the morning always f? r the Islamist terrorist group IS. That the hostage-takers but run by the jihadists? is encouraged, appears increasingly unlikely. ? be pure voting according to media reports the man known to police; He had reviewed letters of full of insults to the bereaved to Australian soldiers skill, that the war in Afghanistan get? tet had been. Is he currently on bail on free Fu? He was an accomplice in the murder of his ex-wife? involved. Only on Friday accused of various sexual crimes was raised against the man also. According to a report of the Sydney Morning Herald of Muslim clerics practiced and geb? present Iranians between 2000 and 2002 as a spiritual healer in Wentworthville. w? during this time it to the 40? mountain reefs come be. One of the victims said he spent as expert in astrology, numerology, meditation, and black magic. The? mountain reefs are under the guise of spiritist practices will be? be. Is a hostage-taker on Monday morning about ten o’clock (local time) in a CAF? the Swiss firm Lindt in the middle of Sydney †? rmt. In the CAF? should be located about two dozen hostages. The Chief of Lindt Australia spoke of m? unrecognized 40 to 50 G? sten and employees in the CAF?. The police is in contact with the hostage takers and is currently a single tent? ter out. So far nobody was apparently injured. In the evening – the hostage crisis takes now more than zw? lf hours – is the light in the CAF? assumed. It is unclear whether the part of the police operation? is. Hostages reported during the course of the day again and again in many Australian media by telephone, to receivables of T? — to? forward. Commissioner Andrew Scipione, the Chief of police of the State of new South Wales, on all persons who will be contacted by the hostages turned in a press conference in the evening. You should ask the hostages on the phone, to intervene on the man that he talks with the negotiators of the police. The hostages k? might a schl? playing role in here for a gl? cklichen end to bring, Scipione said. He stressed that it is the ultimate aim, bloodless to hostage crisis end – how long it takes. He indicated that that is the Sicherheitskr? fte to make that the usage is still hours or even days? takes on. Two women came to the sp? th afternoon, after nine hours in the violence of the T? ters, free close – after their clothing? en apparently employees of the CAF? s. Australian television pictures showed a woman in Sch? rze which the TU? ssigen square? runs along. How the Act is Islamist-motivated, still determined. The first people became suspicious, as employees of the CAF? s held a flag with Arabic characters from the inside of the window. It is now clear: it is one of the Central Glaubenss? records of Islam to read, not more and not less. During the hostage crisis, it emerged that the man obviously wants to be taken seriously as a terrorist IS near. Whether he sympathizes with the terrorist organization, which operates mainly in the North of Iraq and in Syria, or whether he actually? actually with you in contact, is unclear. Police Chief Andrew Scipione said: we pr? still deciding what motivation is behind this. We do not know yet how the man? is. In September, the police had PL? ne thwarted, a passerby on open road? e to Queenstown? hren, k? pfen and a video of it to? public. In Syria k? an Anh will specify Australian Mohammad Ali Baryalei? nger in Sydney directly with the attack have charged. It followed the gr?Te anti-terror raid in Australian history with searches in Sydney and Brisbane. 15 people were? arrested. The Australian anti-terror police is after the? berfall with hostage-taking in the Gro? usage. The area around Martin place is locked, the? public transport in Sydney is weitr? spacious diverted. ? ber the city circling helicopter. Also the famous? famous Opera House was locked. It is just over a kilometre from the Martin place. Looked at the photos the gel? nde at the port – like the entire area – v? completely empty. Via Twitter, the Sydney Theatre Company canceled all performances – also in the? Opera House. The Medienpr? presence on site is massive, as pictures of the reporter on the spot show. But the Martin place attracts also spectators. In the social networks are circulating pictures of spectators make the Selfies at the scene of the kidnapping. Au? outside the exclusion zone but life has its normal?Gang. Martin place is a historic place in a Fu? g? zone of Sydney. In immediate N? Hey there are several Bank headquarters, the B? ro of the Ministerpr? President of new South Wales and the US Consulate, which was evacuated. Thousands of people working in the business? commercial of the Australian metropolis. The Martin place is red framed on a map of the newspaper the Australian. In the middle lies at the top of the ber? hmte?Opera House. The head of Government of the State of new South Wales, Sydney is located, called a press conference to prayers f? r on all involved in the hostage-taking. He k? ndigte also indicates that the center of the city on Tuesday normally tagged? was opened. A restricted area remain there alone to Martin place. I hold the people who work there to, from home to work, said Mike?Baird. . You should visit the following to discover extra on this interesting topic.

Dec 09 2014

A rapper accused of complicity with a gang for album art.

Duncan, age 33, is accused of belonging to a gang and promote the shootings through his latest album. Not less than nine counts weigh against him for conspiracy in a criminal street gang. If found guilty, may 25 years of imprisonment up to life in prison. Except that the evidence put forward by the Prosecutor for his guilt is thin. Very thin. They mainly rely on the pouch and the lyrics from his album No safety, concerning the criminal activities of a gang of San Diego. The precedents are rather rare. In 1990, the Miami rappers 2 Live crew, had been prosecuted for obscene lyrics, but the charges had been dropped. On the other hand, as The precise, Guardian, the lyrics of rappers are often used to court as exhibits to demonstrate the guilt of an accused. In October, the rapper Ra Diggs thus was sentenced for murder after the Attorney presented songs and videos as evidence. But these elements do not have the same value depending on the jurisdictions. Thus, the NJ Supreme Court refused that rap lyrics can be used before the Court. Obviously, the authorities of San Diego is happy. . For extended facts on this matter click

Dec 09 2014

Gasoline, yet prices are plunging: new rebates to distributors.

New petrol price reductions on most fuel network in Italy. After the losses of recent days, the oil companies have adjusted the lists to distributors. According to the Daily Relay detection, today they put the price Eni ( -1 cent on petrol, -1.5 on diesel); It ( -1 cents on diesel) and IP ( -1 cent on petrol, diesel -0.4 on), but continues for all the drop in prices. According to surveys of Qe on a sample of that represents the national situation, the average price charged for the "serving" of petrol from 1.656 euro cents per liter to 1.682 Eni of Tamoil, while the average price of the no-logo around 1.515 euro cents per liter. As regards diesel instead moves from 1.583 cents per liter to Eni at 1.611 of Tamoil, while prices of no-logo hovering on 1.432 cents per liter. The Gpl is between 0.652 euro/litre of Shell and of 0.659 TotalErg (no-0.628 logo). As for the self service, instead, have reached new record lows with medium-sized tips in constant decline for no-logo and Gdo. However, the drop in prices charged by distributors of other oil companies in particular in format full self h24.  To again reduce gasoline prices to distributors after the declines of the past week were oil prices that plummeted after the price cut by Saudi Arabia and Iraq. On the fact crude you’re fighting a real battle between the large producer countries to not lose their market shares. . Inspirational source can be studied reading this

Dec 09 2014

Set designer James Bond: nothing was impossible.

Adam: Yes, I had always dreamed of, to make a great MGM musical. Unfortunately, the film the audience did not arrive. I suspect they had not expected to get tells a story from the depression period in a musical. I signed up by painters and photographers of the 1920s and 1930s inspired can be, there is a bar in the film that I’ve modeled image of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. Adam: That depends on the movie. Pennies from heaven we have looked at many pictures and paintings. In one scene, the villain in a dinner dances. I had no idea at first for this number, but then I came across a photo of Walker Evans and painted to it as background for the scene. The design of the film comes not just from me, but also by the artists of this era. Adam: Yes, I see that Brando was mid 60 already somewhat older, when we first met. We hit it off. In the film freshman, he played a gangster boss, it was a sort of parody of the godfather. In one scene, we made him a bowl nuts on the table. Brando took a few and cracked it with bare hands. It was his character. MIRROR ONLINE: they took again the viewers to mysterious places as the nuclear power plant in James Bond jagt Dr. No or the war room in Dr. strange or: how I learned to love the bomb. Adam: Yes, exactly, escapism. When I built my first Bond movie, the sets for Dr. No, I was totally excited. The team turned in Jamaica while we there for weeks flopped at Pinewood in front of us. I was not sure whether the decorations would be not too unrealistic. What if, the Director and the producers would not like my work? Luckily, they were thrilled. Thus, the style of the bond series was found. By now, nothing was impossible. Adam: You was still not enough. But it didn’t matter. The volcano was worth it. And he was also somewhat less dangerous than a real. When we were shooting the scenes in which flies the helicopter into the crater, in Japan the outdoor shots, we were suddenly very worried, because our pilot in the volcano disappeared and no longer came to the fore. The helicopter had not enough power. Luckily the pilot has succeeded yet at the end. Adam: I went to a good school, the St. Paul’s school in London, the guys there were very educated. They had a historical and political awareness and knew what happened there in Europe. Many of my classmates in England wanted in the Royal Air Force. I did it. Today, I am probably the only pilot who has flown in a Hawker Typhoon during the second world war and still lives. Adam: Yes, a Rolls Royce Silver cloud convertible, built in 1959, the only one of its kind in England. Has over 200 000 miles behind. That’s enough. Today, he stands around in the garage. I’m not so with the risk. I would rather sit in front of the TV and watch me race. The exhibition bigger than life. Ken Adam’s film design opened on December 11 at the Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin. MIRROR is ONLINE media partner of the exhibition. . Extended information can be found clicking