Oct 31 2014

Georgia and Louisiana have the key of the US legislative elections.

The Republicans know that they need to expand their base of support much m s n all number of voters who have lost these two d ED if they want that Perdue, of 64 to, reach Washington. While the dem to Democrats, who control the minor ACE, another solution they have n m s that try to capture moderate white voters and the undecided to impose on Nunn, from 47 to you. In other words, there is no way to avoid a second round and will take months to know qui n is the winner. There are two ways to do it: to clean ticket tip and expediting the registration of voters. The reality is that this tico democratic change does not benefit us if not translates into a greater n number of inscriptions. But Republicans do not have many options, its chances of growth are slim, says Stacey Abrams, l der of the minor to dem Democrat in the State legislature. . You can click the following http://cbe033a59d25ed85066dd524.jantheiss.eu to discover more about this great topic.

Oct 30 2014

Escalation of violence in Israel: shot right Jewish activist in Jerusalem.

The dispute over the Temple Mount has brought Jerusalem on Thursday to the brink of an unprecedented escalation of violence. After the assassination attempt on a Jewish ultra nationalists, who was critically injured, the Israeli police shot and killed a suspect Palestinian in the early morning. The Jews and Muslims Holy rock plateau was sealed off for the first time since the six-day war of 1967 completely. Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas spoke of a declaration of war. The assassination victim Yehuda Glick was on Thursday further in life danger. The religious ultra-nationalist, was gunned down on Wednesday night before the begin Center. He gave there before a lecture about Jewish claims on the plateau, where the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the dome of the rock, an Islamic shrine, reside. A special unit of the police turned in the morning near the location of the attack a house in the East Jerusalem suburb Abu Tor. Where the motorcycle had been discovered according to police, fled with the assassin a few hours earlier. Also, the Army Radio reported he had worked as a kitchen hand in the Conference Centre. As the police tried to arrest him, shot the suspect on them and was killed in the backfire, said a police spokeswoman. Palestinian President Abbas blamed the Israeli Government for the recent violence in East Jerusalem. The continuation of these attacks and the dangerous Israeli escalation will mean a declaration of war on the Palestinian people, to its holy sites, as well as to the Arab and Muslim nation, he said. The 48 year old Glick, who was struck and operated on several times, of four balls dating back to New York and lived for nine years in a Jewish settlement near Hebron. Several years he was Director of the temple Institute, a sect that wants to actively prepare for the building of the third of Jewish Temple instead of the dome of the rock. . You should check the following source to discover extra about this amazing topic.

Oct 30 2014

Seven miners Igea in tunnel protest in 80 meters deep to Lula.

By Thursday morning, the company in house and holds mining concessions are holed up in the Sos Enattos mine in Nuoro) to call attention to their plight: from five months do not receive salary, and increases the concern for the future of work and society. After months of grueling negotiations without answers-says the Mayor of Lula, Mario Cabal, another employee of the Igea-seven miners are gentlemen down in pits ready to do anything to receive some answers: wages that do not arrive and prospects that there are. We were assured that we would have worked on mine site reclamation, but the region on the last day of Government Cappellacci has entrusted the work to a private company. Therefore we do not know what death must die. The miners before rappelling in the wells have given colleagues a few words: we are ready to leave us to die if no one answers, and if we do that we want to die in mine, what changes compared to starvation?. Does not come out then the miners of Lula what they do the rulers? Want to close or save us? -says the Mayor. We believe there are the conditions to go ahead. Expect answers and we just decide what to do. Since yesterday started in the various mining sites of Hygieia, from Iglesias in Crested Butte (Medio Campidano) to Lula in Nuoro, the protest for workers who have proclaimed the general strike. On Thursday morning there was a blitz to Iglesias in the offices of the region dealing with the mining sector. Meanwhile, the Department of industry convened a meeting on the dispute for the 7 November. . You can read the following info to read extra on this great topic.

Oct 30 2014

Apple CEO Tim Cook: I’m proud to be gay.

Some may have feared the consequences. John Browne, the Chief of the oil company BP, was described by the newspaper the mail on Sunday in 2007 as gay, as he resigned then. Unfortunately, there were some people, especially from the business community, which then never again human warmth have me feel, Browne later wrote in a book. In politics, that – is now different at least in Germany -. Berlin’s Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit began in 2001 with his saying I am gay, and that’s a good thing. Meanwhile, a politician’s sexual orientation produced usually no big headlines. However, the clocks tick in the American South, from Tim Cook is still different. For Cook, it is clear that his sexual orientation alone is his private matter. It had never denied his sexuality, but also not known to the public. Homosexuality have given him a deep understanding of what it means to belong to a minority. It makes us compassionate, which in turn leads to a more abundant life, writes Cook. . Related info can be inspected reading http://cbe033a59d25ed85066dd524.jantheiss.eu.

Oct 30 2014

Vattenfall wants to get out of German Brown coal.

"Vattenfall is looking at strategic options for his activities in mining and the brown coal", the company reported on Thursday. "The Board of Directors has decided that Vattenfall will examine options for a sustainable and new ownership structure in its coal business," added the reigning since October new CEO Magnus Hall. Although the time was not unexpectedly, the Embassy but. The new red green minority coalition Government in Stockholm will align its energy policy "green": less nuclear power at home, less greenhouse gas-emitting coal from abroad. And finally a message of the Chairman of the own employees in Hamburg and Berlin: "his other business activities in Germany – district heating, sales and distribution networks as well as trading, wind power and other energy – remains Vattenfall remains fully committed." Really reassured that those concerned but didn’t. Brandenburg Minister-President Dietmar Woidke (SPD) demanded quick decisions on the sale of the brown coal business in Lusatia. "Apparently only vague ideas about the future direction of the company in corporate governance as well as to the owner" he saw and asked for quick reconnaissance in the personal interview. Vattenfall wanted to comment on a timetable, nor about possible buyers. At best so far, that it go to a complete or a partial sale of lignite mines and power plants in Lusatia. . You should click the following http://cbe033a59d25ed85066dd524.jantheiss.eu to read more about this amazing subject.

Oct 30 2014

A week before new broadcast – is still US-star of “bet that” disillusioned.

That is Hollywood stars not really with the concept of "bets, that" can befriend the actors told frequently after her appearance. After Tom Hanks or Denzel Washington have now been declared Will Arnett in a late-night show the German broadcast – funny like never before. Now, the next movie star on a declaration in the successful late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel is tried. Funny how never actor Will Arnett described his appearance. He was in Germany – and in the TV show, his movie "Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles" to promote along with Megan Fox. Kimmel he could calm down for five minutes and was back in a desperate funny monologue, how disoriented he was barely three weeks later still. On the question from Kimmel, what the name "bets, that" mean, Arnett only replied that he thought "what the fuck is happening?" (GER. What the hell here?). Then he making fun of the huge guest couch, which is as large as Kimmels whole Studio – and when he wanted to sit, could she moves immediately and would be rotated at the same time. The Hall is big anyway 100 yards and then these "crazy Germans" even with this show in the country would move around. In particular the translator in his ear, obviously too long needed to interpret Lanz’ questions, made to create Arnett. The American audience at Kimmel got a nice impression of the "Durchgeknallten in Germany. Was the best but the bet itself. Dog owners bet that they realised the animals on the basis of bite Frisbee discs. After 40 minutes on stage, Arnett could have gotten almost a nervous breakdown. He was so happy when it asked Lacy whether he wanted to go at the next break. "Yes, by all means. I’m totally desperate. "It was the craziest show, that he had ever seen. But not only the show her fat got away, the Germans. He was fascinated by the entire German mentality: jokes would there simply do not work. "These are scary people in various situations", the actor joked. Kimmel suggested that Arnett probably not more to "bet that" will invited. Laughing, the actor shook his head: "No, no.". Additional data can be found checking http://cbe033a59d25ed85066dd524.jantheiss.eu.

Oct 30 2014

Unlock Italy, ok room with 278 Yes: Bill now passes to the Senate.

Green light of the room to unlock Italy decree-law. The measure, which expires on November 11, now passes to the Senate. In the vote have registered 161 278 votes against and seven abstentions. To register just before the go-ahead a brief suspension of work on the display of a banner from the Gallery to the public at the end of Ivan Zaman of M5S. Protesters opposed resistance to committed trying to pick up the big yellow banner that has flown for a few seconds. During the vote MEPs M5S exposed of leaflets with a cross in mourning and the text "Unlock Italy". Sautéed measures the Government had asked for and received the confidence on the unlock-Italy last October 24. The text now can be considered final after 50 corrections imposed by accounting and transposed by the Budget Committee. I jump 4% VAT on home work and extending the tax exemption to highways in operation, while back consideration of the Cipe (apart from that of the EU) on amendments to the conventions and to the economic plans of motorway concessionaires. Deleted even doubling from 50 to 100 million of the Fund for natural disasters (including Genoa). Some times for the start of large-scale works, the decree establishes, among other things, certain times to launch major projects, such as railway lines Napoli-Bari and Palermo-Messina-Catania motorway. To speed up the construction of rail links is found in ad Fs, Michele Elijah, the Commissioner responsible for the execution and the correctness of the work. Its construction will start within the first November 2015. Deadlines for the hydrogeological safety of the country. An amendment tabled by the Government in the days of the flood of Genoa gives green light to construction of works related to environmental emergencies, even appeals to the Tar. . Inspirational facts could be studied clicking the following http://cbe033a59d25ed85066dd524.jantheiss.eu.

Oct 30 2014

Ethical fashion: how to dress sustainable?

For Lionel Astruc, author of travel to the sources of ethical fashion, we often talk about the label but once it is on the shelves, it’s already too late. It is better if possible inquire upstream before any purchase. Is the mark I want to buy transparent on its manufacturing process, details in support? Is conscious of its social and environmental responsibilities?.   Once in the store, not simple still decode labels deplores Catherine Dauriac, journalist and artistic director of the Green Orange Fashion Show: the consumer gets lost in the maze of the ‘made in’. Chinese industrialists now relocate in other Asian countries and the problem moves. The Made in China is not always synonymous with slavery, but it remains a concern for the environment, particularly with regard to fastness. This is unfortunately not the case of the Made in Bangladesh, unfortunately brought to the attention of the general public by the disaster of the Rana Plaza. Fair trade brings a clear answer: humanly sustainable conditions of manufacture, materials and dyes certified safe for humans and the planet, real efforts of marks for a more just world, often at the price of difficulties to survive, says.   Same concern for legibility in Veja, tells Sébastien Kopp, co-founder of the brand: the heart of our project is the transparency and traceability of products. We started from raw materials, cotton, rubber and leather, by shortening the production chain and by adding a social, economic and environmental. With Mall, our concept store, we have chosen to unite under one flag of marks which, without sacrificing style, demonstrate a special commitment in their production.   Conventional cotton, whose culture is the more polluting the world, it will prefer organic cotton, flax or hemp. Know you that 80% of the world flax grows in Europe?, questioned Catherine Dauriac. Zero irrigation, zero waste is a fiber which adheres to all needs. Attention nevertheless received ideas: bamboo is an ecological heresy. It’s a viscose, so a synthetic thread, which requires a lot of chemistry for its transformation. Leather, to favour the tanning plant, especially without chrome, yet practical in Asia, despite the prohibitions European.   Pinup bio, Blogger and consultant ethical image, recommends organic materials to avoid the toxic fabrics containing heavy metals and endocrine disrupters. Let us not forget that the skin is a completely permeable body: we can find at least 60 toxic compounds, such as mercury or lead, in the body of an adult woman, she says.   Disposable fashion and consumerism, it will prefer Buy less, Choose well, Make it last (buy less, choose better, make it last) of British designer Vivienne Westwood. Well consume, it begins first by not buying anything, explains pinup Bio. Knowing that a woman bears on average 30% of her wardrobe, one has an idea of the magnitude of the waste, the Commission deplores.   Lionel Astruc recommends to focus brands which do not leverage the collections and do not have (or have little) use of advertising. An economic model claimed by Ekyog: we are working on a timeless style revisited, and confine ourselves to two collections per year, unlike the fast fashion brands. Our range of products convertible metamorphosis allows to make a dress a snood or vest: a symbolic purchase of slow wear.   And contrary to conventional wisdom, it is not necessarily more expensive. Making the choice of a product that will last over washing is a good investment. Our sneakers are seven times more expensive to produce than our competitors because we prefer better pay the people who work for us, says the co-founder of Veja. However, we arrive at the same prices as the major brands because we have no advertising or face charges.   Originally thought to refer the consumer, the labels are actually a real headache, recognizes Catherine Dauriac. The made in France for example, does not at all a French manufacture, and we are witnessing its growth lately. However, simply affix the final label or a button to use it. The only label that certifies a product produced in France is origin guarantee France, appeared in May 2011. Other labels for the mode are many: Minga, the guarantee of fair trade throughout the marketing chain, Oeko-Tex, proof that the textiles are free of toxic products, GOTS, reliable label taking into account environmental and social criteria or Ecocert, Charter which ensures compliance with the criteria bio and fair.   For bio pinup blogger, recycling starts right after the purchase, it is also helping to not choose the poor quality. To say at the outset: the quality is sufficient for this garment lasts and can possibly be resold? To renew her wardrobe, not necessarily need to buy. You can also recycle the existing wearing its clothes to retouch to shorten them or adapt them to our measurements. The custom-made at low cost. We can do the same with clothes recovered from his mother, sisters, cousins, friends, she advises. After close circles, one can at leisure go wander around the flea markets, thrift stores, or Emmaus which are full of wonders to enhance her wardrobe in an ethical manner. Finally, and of course, there’s Internet with sites like Videdressing. com, Ebay, bartering sites or simply his Facebook page wall.   . You should click this http://cbe033a59d25ed85066dd524.jantheiss.eu to read more about this great subject.

Oct 30 2014

It happens in Europe: the British job market beats record on record.

The British job market beats record on record. After having increased sharply during the crisis, the unemployment rate fell to 6% in less than two years. This is the fastest fall ever recorded for more than 40 years. Participation rate – i.e. the percentage of the population aged 16-64 years who works – is, in turn, close to its plus-hauts. Yesterday, ONS, equivalent of the Insee in the United Kingdom, issued new statistics which also show a marked improvement. The number of households where no adults work fell to its lowest level since 1996, less than 16% in the second quarter of 2014. In one year, the decline is the largest ever recorded since these statistics are required. At the height of the crisis, in 2010, 19% of households were unemployed. The number of children living in households where no-one works is he too fell to the lowest since 18 years. "It is a record that we can be proud," said Prime Minister David Cameron in Parliament. Ian Duncan Smith, the Labour Minister, immediately welcomed these good figures, which show in his Conservative Government’s policy of incentives to work is bearing fruit. Less than seven months before the elections, the ruling party hoped that the improvement of the economic situation will allow him to be re-elected to Downing Street next year. All is not rosy however. Regional disparities remain very high. In the northeast of England, 21% of households are unemployed, compared with 12% only in the Southeast. If the British economy creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, the quality of these positions is debate. Many of them are poorly paid, is that wages are always slower than inflation. Yesterday, the outgoing president of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso attended his 424th and last meeting of the college of Commissioners on the 13th floor of the Berlaymont building. President for ten years, the leader of the European Executive then descended to the basement saying goodbye to the press, in the amphitheatre where every day at noon, journalists meet with the spokespersons of the European Commission to make the round of news topics. José Manuel Barroso stated that he had no specific project at this point, otherwise conferences and courses at the University, including in Brussels: "after thirty years of activities, first in the service of my country, then Europe, I deserve a break. In ten years at the head of the European Commission, the Portuguese was unable to become popular. His departure is no tear, no great ceremony. Yet yesterday, against journalists, the man who is probably well too many reviews on his shoulders, once again said is proud of its action. "I am very happy to finish my mandate with a Summit that shows that the European Union keeps the leadership in the fight against climate change", he said. Anyone deny that this fight is to his credit. But José Manuel Barroso lists more: since my taking office in 2004, Europe has increased from 15 to 28 States, was able to adapt and change its treaties, to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change, to reform its banking system, and build a fallback mechanism to resist attacks on the euro, to promote a budget of nearly 1000 billion euros over 7 years", and to become the first commercial partner of the world. "With you, the press, the dialog not always was easy", he regretted, in welcoming the spirit of critical analysis of the media. And blame mezzo voce journalists to relay more often the cries of States against Europe to defend a heavy, complicated, but coherent decision-making process. For this last press conference, José Manuel Barroso has appealed to more solidarity between States. In this connection, has expressed pride in the continuing support of the European Commission for the Greece. "The European Commission is the only institution that has never hesitated, when some wanted out of the Greece of the euro area", he stressed. Finally, his last plea went to the enlargement of the European Union. He asked to reverse the burden, and imagine where would today all States of the Eastern Europe, if he had not joined Europe. «We were told could never do anything to 25, and now we are 28 and demonstrated that it was possible to take decisions and even often unanimously», has argued, welcoming the arrival of the Polish Donald Tusk at the head of the European Council, "which shows the end of this old barrier between old and new Member States’. "Believe me, when I write my memoirs, I will remember that there are many States which pose much more problem to the Union European new Member States", he added. Finally, the president cited a few verses of a poem by Miguel Torga: "after all, you are a man, oblivion does not, and is in this lucid madness that you will recognize you. . You should visit the following source to read more regarding this interesting subject.

Oct 29 2014

Egypt: There was once a country of travel.

But how did this intrusion? A partial answer to the question is obvious, it is: World location. By the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there is a travel warning of part of, for Egypt about for the North of the Sinai Peninsula and the Egyptian Israeli border area. Also, there is now an updated global warning. Thus in particular in regions in which among other things already repeated terrorist organizations were active there is the risk of a stop. Donovan says it so: Egypt’s security image is bad. It is not necessary, to advise against travel in the whole country; only a few areas were potentially dangerous. But you would rub off on the image of the country as a whole. The slump is not only study Organizer. The revenue from tourism declined in the first half of the year by almost 25 percent. Fatal for a country where just a few years ago lived every sixth of tourism. Samih Sawiris, Egypt’s biggest tourism entrepreneurs, was quoted recently, Egypt lost not a season, we lost the entire year. It will take to calm the anxiety. For months, the Government strives to generate, you can travel easily and safely land the impression. For 2015, to hope on the entry of similar to many tourists as before the revolution, 2011, Egypt’s Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou recently said. According to official counting just under 14 million were. It was hoped similar but even for 2014th time sends you, virtually to the document for the security of travel, journalists in the desert, can be but by policeman join – what then severely damaged the desired impression. Times Zaazou complains, the German Foreign Ministry overdoing it with his warnings. . Inspirational facts may be read clicking this site.