Jan 17 2015

Kidnapped in Libya for eight months now lost his job .

THE CASOChiude the construction site in Libya , Salviato lose your job : What delusioneRapito for eight months. Two of its release , the technical Trebaseleghe remains unemployed : I was expecting something different after what I successoSalviato , the arrival in Mestre and TrebaselegheVENEZIA Just yesterday , January 16 , celebrated two months as a free man . Indeed, it was November 16th when Gianluca Salviato , the coach of Trebaseleghe kidnapped in Libya on March 22 and remained for nearly eight months in the hands of the jihadists , torn in Italy .Actually for Salviato in recent weeks has had little to celebrate. After his return home he soon discovered that the company he worked for, the Udinese Enrico Radishes , had decided to abandon the construction of Libya , even in the wake of his affair . So he and the other 14 colleagues are on the threshold of the abyss and risk dismissal . The company has put them all in layoffs already in June last year , when Salviato was still in the hands of his captors .Initially until 31 December , then the situation will not throw more in the sixth, Libya remains a dangerous country and the company has extended the measure until January 31 , only thanks to an agreement with the union. From the meeting of Thursday with top management , to , trade unionists and employees have come out with great pessimism . The hypothesis most likely from 1 February 15 , including precisely Salviato , remain at home permanently . The deal is not closed yet but the situation very complicated – says Mauro Rainis of Feneal Uil of Udine – The Radishes , in addition to the construction site in Libya , has only one in Italy and not able to absorb them .We will try to save the workers but a critical moment here in Italy for the company . Salviato , for now , try not to make a fuss , although the bitterness seeps from his words . Certainly not something that will please even because after what happened to me I was expecting something different from layoffs – admits – We were all bad after the meeting of Thursday , also because we have given a lot to the company , all we worked with great professionalism in the midst of a thousand difficulties .What to do ? Andr in unemployment but it certainly will remain with our arms folded . I will look for another job as I always have in my life . January 17 2015Chiude the yard in Libya , Salviato lose your job : What a disappointment 67 3 63 1 0 REPRODUCTION RISERVATADavide Tamiello and Alberto Zorzi . For extra data about this topic visit http://.

Jan 17 2015

From Lugano to Milan for the new shoes , “Thus did the spending .”

The ‘ expeditions ‘ were made on Saturday afternoon , starting in the car in five from Lugano : 12 km of scenic roads and curves with a lake view to get to Ponte Tresa , shop and go back to Switzerland with the new shoes at the foot ( and a nice bit ‘ of money saved thanks to the strong franc ) . "Every family has a history of Ticino border to tell ," says Mariarosa Mancuso , 59, journalist , essayist and film critic . His Dad and Mom Sicilian Swiss , dates back to the 60s when a little girl , with her parents and her younger siblings , we left on Morris ‘ with old shoes to throw , then return home with new ones .Beautiful . " And strictly to the feet, to avoid detection by customs . " The phrase " open the trunk " was the most dreaded of all – said today on the phone laughing – it was more of a legend since at the time the checks made ​​them with sniffer dogs . Today there are those antibanconote . " Because the Swiss-Italian border must be a " spiritual place " says Mancuso , but is primarily a place of two tax jurisdictions , a more liberal of the other, that have always characterized the history of two neighboring countries and even so hopelessly away .In the nineteenth century smugglers were put on the shoulders of the " bricolle ‘ backpacks in hessian , and went back and forth carrying tobacco , coffee and sugar , burdened in Italy from import or subject to monopoly . So much so that at one point , to try to stem the trafficking of contraband , the Italian authorities arranged the building along the border of a wire mesh . " We call ramina still " explains Mancuso who also works at the Swiss radio where right on ramina was made a radio program on the historical events of the border ( " The dialogues of ramina " ) .As that of the " cigar Ceresio » , a submarine pedal used by smugglers to carry up to 600 pounds of goods crossing at water lake : cigarettes , coffee and watches from Switzerland . Rice, meat and alcohol from Italy . " In the 60s my shipments in Italy with family dealt largely with the clothes , the shoes , and then as a teenager books and newspapers – adds Mancuso – . At one point during high school , when he approached the weekend , we were shooting for school with a shopping list to be delivered to those who spent Saturday night in Milan .We had discovered a small library in Milan who was a 20 percent discount : a fairy tale . Some of my colleagues do it again and on Saturdays or Sundays take a walk across the border . " Now , the recent decision to drop the franc by the euro , is creating in some cases while intoxicated and other terror . Cross-border commuters who work in Switzerland but live in Italy , find themselves all of a sudden with a salary increase of 30 % . The Casino of Campione d’ Italy is already talk of " natural disaster " : receipts are 80% in euro but the winnings are paid mainly in francs ." Swiss companies are desperate ," Mancuso confirmed . "It’s a tsunami for the export industry and tourism , and finally for the whole country " has said the CEO of Swatch , Nick Hayek . It is no coincidence that the association of the great Swiss Industrial , hot , commented on the news by providing " disastrous consequences for the industrial fabric ." Economiesuisse , the Swiss Business Federation , stressed the danger that the franc remains strong enough to complicate life for the exporting industry and for tourism .Moreover , he added , the purchase off the border is now more attractive than ever . Maybe even more times of " expeditions " Mancuso family in the 60s . You can click the following http:// to read more about this amazing matter.

Jan 17 2015

The prosecutor detailing the illegal financing of the PP for 15 years.

The anti-corruption prosecutor has included in its indictment a detailed account of the illegal funding of PP through a box b hides the Treasury and the Court of Auditors , which ran for 15 years. The prosecution claimed that the PP Luis Barcenas extesorero " added to its heritage resources of PP whose administration was entrusted as a manager with the treasurer Alvaro Lapuerta between February 1993 and June 2008 " . These funds come from a box b administering Bárcenas with the then party treasurer , Alvaro Lapuerta , according Corruption .The funds allegedly stole Bárcenas " totaled at least 299 650 euros , which were entered into accounts in Spain and Switzerland , which came from a parallel accounting or box b of the Popular Party." more informationThe prosecution asks 123 years in prison for Correa and 42 for Bárcenas by Gürtel PROFILE | Barcenas, the man who took GRAPHIC Swiss box | The scandals that threaten the PP DOWNLOADABLE | bites frame , digit by digit This parallel accounting which managed Barcenas, according to the prosecutor , "is nourished by donations to non-compliant financing of political parties that were made ​​by persons related to important public bodies receiving awards " .Between 2001 and 2003 , Bárcenas " making the effect of the apparent opacity featuring double accounting structure created by the PP, detracted from its box b at least 150 050 euros was admitted to a Swiss account ." In 2005 , the prosecution continues , " taking advantage of the same circumstances and especially of secrecy and concealment double counting introduced in the PP , the defendant appropriated 149. 600 euros allocated to partially pay for a property ." To prove these facts , Anticorruption asked to appear as witnesses in the trial some of the leaders who received money from that box b , as navarro exconsejero Calixto Ayesa or exdiputado also navarro Jaime del Burgo , For additional on this subject read http://.

Jan 17 2015

Niger: demonstration against Charlie Hebdo & agrave ; Niamey, several deaths .

The movement of anger against the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad by Charlie Hebdo is growing in Niger. After violence Friday in Zinder , he won the capital, Niamey, where at least three people were killed Sunday. In the aftermath of riots in Zinder, Niger ‘s second city , where at least five people were killed and 45 others injured , the movement of anger against Charlie Hebdo was extended Saturday Niger’s capital , Niamey.Protesters gathered near the main mosque in the capital attacked Saturday, January 17 at a police station and burned at least six churches. French flags were also burned. At least three people were killed, is it learned at the end of the day , police sources said . Two charred bodies were found burned in a church on the outskirts of Niamey and the body of a woman, probably asphyxiated by tear gas, discovered in a bar.The clashes broke out when the authorities banned a march to the call of local Muslim leaders . The police fired tear gas canisters against groups of demonstrators responded with stones and Molotov cocktails and erected barricades. Four preachers at the origin of the call to protest were arrested. Calm has returned in the afternoon, but Islamic groups have called for a new protest march for Sunday.France condemns the violencesD’autres events were reported across the country of 17 million inhabitants, 80% Muslim . In Maradi , 600 km east of Niamey, where two churches were burned . Another church was destroyed by fire in the city of Gouré (east) , and a residence owned by the foreign minister . The French Foreign Ministry called on the French in Niger to strengthen vigilance, observe the safety tips and avoid public gatherings and gatherings .The Embassy of France in Niamey called for its part to avoid any output . France condemns the use of violence today in Niamey, Zinder yesterday said Laurent Fabius in a statement released early evening . A fifth body found in ZinderLe toll of violence the previous day in Zinder has risen to five deaths after the discovery of a charred corpse in a burned church. The Franco- Nigerian cultural center of the city was also ransacked.Other rallies were held after Friday prayers in large countries such as Mali , Senegal and Mauritania. In Algiers , clashes occurred at the end of a demonstration against the newspaper. Violence also occurred in Pakistan. With Reuters First Published: 17/01/2015 . For extra insights on this matter check article.

Jan 17 2015

Photo of the pencil will be displayed Leading the People & eacute; e on the Pompidou Centre.

A great popular movement . Thus , the Centre Pompidou called the Republican running last Sunday in the streets around the world. And to keep it intact memory, the arts center has decided to deploy on its facade a huge reproduction of a photograph of Republican running January 11 to continue to live the spirit of brotherhood that formidable mass movement, has Friday the center in a press release >> the history of photography pencil Leading the People photography, conducted by Reuters reporter Stephane Mahe and covered by many media, is reproduced on a canvas nearly 13 8 meters to be decided Saturday at 10:00 on the facade where it will remain for several weeks.A strong image of that day historiqueSous the impulse of the Minister of Culture and Communication , Fleur Pellerin , I wanted to live the spirit of the march of 11 January 2015 ‘ publishing ‘ monumentally on the front Centre Pompidou a strong image of this historic day , says Alain Seban , President of the Centre Pompidou . We chose a photograph of Stéphane Mahé. This image , very pictorial , which recalls some Republican icons of art history , struck me alive, vibrant.It exceeds all messages and shows great momentum that we have both the actors and witnesses, says Serban . . For extended facts regarding this topic read source.

Jan 17 2015

It is no longer a small world .

Tweet My24 The blitz of the Swiss Central Bank teaches something : this is not a small world . Faced with the possible power of the ECB bazooka , the Swiss Central Bank has indeed realized that could not compete . For this Berne two days ago had to abandon the defense of the franc against the euro : why was no longer defensible .He sacrificed exports of its business (only those listed on the Stock Exchange are 85 % of revenues across the border ) . Condemned the country to further deflation . And maybe – someone thinks – he even cracked the credibility of its status as a country retreat . But he had no choice : how were once Brazil or South Africa to raise the white flag in front of the Fed’s monetary policy the US , today it is up to Switzerland . Country solid shelter , but small . The emblematic case to understand how the world is increasingly globalized .The Swiss central bank had placed a cap on the franc – euro exchange rate when the European crisis induced many investors to bring their own money in the safe haven Swiss . This strong capital inflows in the Confederacy , fleeing Europe in crisis , in fact had the effect – for unwanted Bern – to revalue the franc . This could become very bad for the local economy . For this reason, the Swiss National Bank decided to put a stop : it would not allow an appreciation of the Swiss franc over the threshold of 1.20 .The intention was to defend the export ( and GDP ) in Switzerland. To keep the commitment , the central bank had to buy Euros , ie government bonds mainly in Germany and France . After years of buying , for , the budget of the Central Bank became too large compared to the size of the country : RBS calculates that now amounts to about 80% of Swiss GDP . Too Much. No other central bank has comparable numbers . This renders it susceptible to excessive risk . Given that next week the ECB could start printing money , causing the likely further weakening of the euro , Bern has decided to close ( at a loss ) the game : defend yet the change is no longer possible.So the central bank released its currency , which in two days is revalued by 20.7 % against the euro . All of us probably has a price for Switzerland . First, the Central Bank only in the day Thursday lost something like 60 million to 70 million francs . But the biggest " victim " could be the country’s economy , as the appreciation of the exchange rate weighs on tourism ( holidays Swiss Alps they cost more to Europeans ) and especially on exports ( the super – franc makes it less attractive goods Swiss Abroad ) .And the impact could not be indifferent : Morgan Stanley calculates that the only company listed on the Zurich stock exchange produce on average 85 % of sales outside the country , with peaks of 90-95 % for several large companies . Even banks , some of which are global status , are very present outside the borders : according to Bri , in Europe have an exposure of 573 billion dollars . If the euro depreciates , then , their activities in the Old Continent will produce – converted into francs – lower profits .The other negative effect regards deflation , scourge that plagues Switzerland : the strong franc ( also on the dollar ) makes it even more economical raw materials , and this helps to keep down consumer prices . More difficult to predict whether what happened Thursday may even disrupt the status of the country refuge : someone fears him , some do not . But according to several traders also why the last two days , gold has gained 4.2% : because the yellow metal has relatively increased its value as a safe haven .Sure, who had brought money in Switzerland two days ago recorded a gain of 20 % only by the bounce of the franc . And the further revaluation future could encourage other capital flows . But the surprise move of the Swiss Central Bank undermines the credibility , and creates some uncertainty in pi for investors in Switzerland . In the medium term , perhaps will not change anything ( also because now the federal goal of Russian , Middle Eastern , Chinese and new rich to which the exchange rate against the euro of little interest ) , but in the short some discomfort among investors could create it .Perhaps Berne To manage to contain the negative effects of what happened yesterday . Perhaps , as some argue, even Swiss companies manage to turn this into something positive : Now – says a manager of large estates – could come to Europe to make acquisitions . But playing the Berne has certainly lost: that of change . Could fight finch played alone , but now that the ECB charged his bazooka has decided to abandon the field . Basically the same thing happened to Brazil or South Africa when they were suffering the side effects of the Fed’s monetary policy : trying to stem the appreciation of their exchange by putting taxes on capital input or denouncing to the world that it was a war of currencies , but they could not do much more .So the lesson Swiss makes us rediscover the strength of European monetary union : will have a thousand faults , but in a global world protects a little ‘ more Europe by the side effects of the choices of others . The question to ask : if it fails to defend Switzerland , could succeed a Greece out of the euro ? Or Italy ? Click to Share © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Read and Write Comment this news TAG : Foreign exchange market , Bern , Swiss National Bank , Fed , Italy , Zurich stock exchange , Brazil , Central Bank , RBS , Stock Exchange , the US Fed , country retreat Permalink . Main source could be found visiting the following http://.

Jan 17 2015

CSC , the surplus of Germany cripples the correction of external accounts Eurozone .

Tweet My24 documents note Confindustria Germany cripples the correction of external accounts Eurozone . The signals a report of the Study Centre of Confindustria .In practice, the surplus of Germany remained above the threshold of European and unsustainable levels with loss of welfare for all , said the Confindustria Research Centre in a report which shows that during the crisis all the countries in the euro have adjusted deficit accounts with foreign countries , while the core countries have done nothing to reduce their surpluses . And so , to adjust accounts countries in deficit had to recover competitiveness of price and resize living standards , generating deflation and demand reduction that have not been recovered , as it would be logical and appropriate, by expansionary policies in the countries in surplus Germany first .The point on the imbalances in the CSC report takes stock of the imbalances within the eurozone recalling that during the crisis , the current account balance went from Italian -3.5 % of GDP in 2010 to 1.5% in 2014 and the Spaniard moved from -9.6 % in 2007 to + 0.5 % . Germany , however, has remained essentially unchanged at a level ( 7.1% ) that is excessive according to the most elementary economic principles is based on the alarm thresholds in Europe, the report said. For the six-pack a surplus can not exceed 6% of PilIl so-called six-pack , in fact , states that a surplus can not exceed 6% of GDP .true that the surplus of Germany to the rest of the Area € is canceled ( from 2.9 % of GDP in the first half of 2007 ) , but through lower exports to other countries instead of EUR via higher imports , which fell instead . Result : Area euro weaker domestic demand , employment and incomes more low . In short , less welfare for all , including the Germans . And deflation in the entire area . It should be a stimulus to domestic demand through policy bilancioPer fight it – is explained in the report – the ECB has to run for cover with measures which, alone , will not suffice.A picture of fragility and instability . To get out of it must be a stimulus to domestic demand through fiscal policy . Stimulus that the plan does not guarantee Juncker . Perci serve a more lively dynamics of prices , consumption and investment in surplus countries , particularly in Germany , in order to balance the burden of adjustment and to limit the negative effects , which now suffers from the same German economy . Click to Share © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Read and Write Comment this news TAG : Public Accounts , ECB , Confindustria , Area Permalink . Additional text can be found checking reference.

Jan 17 2015

Charlie Hebdo : 4 dead and wounded & eacute; s during a demonstration in Niger.

The Embassy of France in Niamey called its nationals to "avoid any output ." Item (s ) associated (s) They have not killed "Charlie" How to make a donation to Charlie Hebdo ? The tribute to "Charlie Hebdo" The A Charlie Hebdo is no unanimity on the planet. In Zinder , Niger ‘s second city , a demonstration against Charlie Hebdo escalated Friday , protesters setting fire to churches and ransacking shops run by Christians , residents said .The event turned into a confrontation with the police , and several policemen were injured . Friday early evening, a police source was first reported three civilians and one policeman killed , according to Reuters . At 8:47 p.m. , the Minister of the Interior reported the results of four dead and 45 wounded, according to AFP. Of the four victims included three civilians and a policeman , said Minister Massaoudou Hassoumi . Twenty-two officers of the security forces were injured, and 23 protesters, he detailed broadcast on national radio.Nigerian police tried to disperse Saturday with tear gas protesters near the Grand Mosque in Niamey came to participate in a rally against the caricature of Mohammed, AFP noted . The Embassy of France in Niamey went to call its nationals to "avoid any output ." "Charlie is the devil " Protesters shout since Friday , in Hausa : Charlie is the devil , that hell swallow those who support Charlie said Aboubacar Mamane , a trader contacted by telephone .The French cultural center was also set on fire Friday reported its director. Fifty people broke the front door , and then set fire to the cafeteria, the library and administrative offices of the CCF , despite warning shots from two police officers present to protect the complex , said to AFP Kaoumi Bawa , director of the center of Zinder . In Algiers, in support of the protesters prophèteDes clashes also erupted Friday in Algiers at the end of a protest march against the publication by the French weekly Charlie Hebdo of a new caricature of the Prophet Muhammad.Police intervened to disperse the demonstrators who responded by throwing stones and bottles in the streets around the capital waterfront. Some hundreds of people , including women and children, had earlier marched peacefully through Algiers shouting God is great , singing and waving placards that read in French and Arabic: I am Muhammad , I am referring to Charlie used in France after the attack on 7 January against the french satirical weekly .This is my religion. I am with the Prophet and have criticized it said Mohammed Rechache , truck driver, who showed with his young son . The cover of the first issue of Charlie Hebdo published after the attack showed a cartoon of the Prophet tear in his eye holding a sign I’m Charlie , drawing regarded by some as a new provocation. In Dakar, the French flag Bruleau least a thousand demonstrators protested in Dakar after Friday prayers against caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad by the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, noted journalists from AFP.A French flag was burned in front of the Embassy of France in the center of Dakar, by a group of protesters who chanted slogans in praise of the Prophet Muhammad and against Charlie Hebdo , according to AFP journalists . The police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd, shouting "Allah akbar ." Over a thousand protesters had spontaneously taken the lead of the French diplomatic representation after an Islamic organizations rally to the call , originally scheduled in the Great Mosque of Dakar (city center ), which turned into a on."To hell Charlie ", "Do not touch my prophet," "freedom to blaspheme kills freedom of expression," it read on banners and placards . Read also: Attack against Charlie Hebdo : the delicate issue of retaliation in Yemen. Related info can be found checking fact.

Jan 17 2015

Fca now is also a bank in 16 countries to finance car purchases .

TURIN – From today Fca also a bank . Ninety years after his birth , the Sava , the financial position of the Fiat which since 1925 was in charge of granting credit to those who wanted to buy a car , became a bank . The new company , Fca Bank Spa , a joint venture with Credit Agricole , has been licensed by the Bank of Italy , thus becoming the holding company of an international banking group present in 16 European countries . Become cos actually a project started in 2012 and continued in 2013 , with demand all’Autorit Supervisory banking conditions for the authorization , following the renewal of the agreements between Credit Agricole , Credit Agricole Consumer Finance and Fca .A long and complicated process , which concluded today with the license granted by the Via Nazionale . The move confirms the Group’s attention to novelty , even those of the capital markets , which have become increasingly international , and cash management , more and more strategic for large industrial groups . It puts an arrow in pi over car company formed by the merger between the Italian Fiat and the American Chrysler . Fca Bank , it said in a statement the Group supporter sale of passenger cars and commercial vehicles of several brands , most notably those of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles , through the management of activities of Retail financing and dealer network , and with the promotion of insurance solutions and activities of long-term lease of vehicle fleets .Activities , underscores Fca , focused on a strategy of customer loyalty , the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and the development of new products and services increasingly profitable and innovative . The image , says the company makes money . Have become bank allows Fca Bank , to express an image of greater solidity towards international investors , seizing more effectively the opportunities for diversification of funding sources , further improving the offer to their customers than today , You must click this home page to discover extra about this interesting topic.

Jan 13 2015

Jobs Act , dampers reduced in 2017 if the government will not find 300 million .

The long-awaited " SIAE stamp " of the State Accounting on decrees of the Jobs Act launched December 24 arrived . But to get the green light – and overcome the impasse that prevented their transmission to the commissions work for a binding opinion – the government Renzi had to accept a compromise : in 2017 the Naspi , meaning the new provision which replaces the current subsidies unemployment , will last no more than 24 months but only 18. that is to say that those who remain out of work in that year and will request to get the check you will guarantee an income for a period less than that enjoyed by the unemployed who access in 2015 and 2016 .In addition , already this year the allowance will be reduced progressively by 3% per month from the fourth month of use, and no longer by the fifth . The executive will prevent the shortening planned for 2017 , but only if it found 300 million to 400 million to be allocated in the law of stability for 2016 (the one that is to be launched later this year ) . Money more than 2 billion put on the plate today. Not for nothing , from the beginning it was clear that the figure found would not be enough to reform the whole structure of social safety nets .Now that impression proves correct : the blanket of resources is too short . The one on the duration of the grant Naspi is not the only change made to the decrees , even before examining rooms . And ‘ success , in fact , that the decree on contract protections growing has been excluded the article on " contract for relocation " , what should help those who lose their jobs as a result of unlawful dismissal came back on the market , through vouchers from use at employment agencies , public or private accredited .In short , one of the pillars of the " active labor market policies " on which Italy is traditionally lacking compared to European standards , as it has so far preferred to offer economic support to the unemployed " passive " . It seems that the standard will be transferred to another weight decree , that on cushions , whose process is likely to be longer . Meanwhile , however , twenty days after the Council of Ministers parliamentary committees continue to wait for the texts , which will issue an opinion within 30 days .Only after the two decrees will arrive in the Official Journal and enter into force , at this point no earlier than mid-February . . Additional information can be found clicking resource.