Aug 28 2014

Apple loses in court: no stop to Samsung products in the Usa.

NEW YORK-the wait for new products that will be presented on 9 September pushes the Apple, but for the giant of Cupertino come two new grits: Justice rejects his request to block the sales of nine Samsung devices that have infringed its patents and the U.s. Antitrust review and investigate complaint lodged by Bose against Beats, the company that produces popular models of headphones and earbuds bought by Apple for three billion dollars. The company founded by Steve Jobs failed to prove irreparable harm and to tie them to patent infringement made by Samsung, says Lucy Koh, u.s. district judge in San Jose (California), which rejected the request of Cupertino to ban sales of old products from South Korean giant that, according to the jury, have broken three of its patents. The decision is not a surprise: Apple has won two verdicts in favour against Samsung, which has over one billion dollars but which announced an appeal against the sentences. Then Cupertino not only grossed a penny, but has failed to obtain even what it really wanted, or stop sales of smartphones and tablet Samsung. The two companies engaged in a legal battle at the global level for the control. Original source could be studied visiting the following

Aug 27 2014

Brussels calls on the Member States to help Italy cope with the influx of refugees.

The topic smoldering for a long time but becomes explosive: without quick action, the consensus of Member States on the management of the European Union Schengen borders will explode. After the drama of Lampedusa in October 2013, the Italian army launched operation "Mare Nostrum" to prevent further shipwrecks of immigrants in the Mediterranean. With some success, since the Italian Navy has raised more than 100. 000 illegal immigrants since the beginning of the year, the Eritreans and the Syrians basically. But with as many dramas: last weekend, some 300 migrants drowned and the High Commissioner for refugees United Nations evokes a sinister balance of 2000 dead since January. As the European Union does not have its own Coast Guard, nor that it has vessels or helicopters, Brussels can only "plead" for cooperation between the Member States. Yesterday with bitterness, a senior official condemned the selfishness of States, which despite the warnings of the European Commission, have always refused to increase budgetary means of Frontex, preferring to protect their agricultural or regional interests rather than investing on a subject everyone knows inevitable. The question returned to boomerang. It has more State in Libya, more Mare Nostrum is more smugglers launched on the sea of boats with no security, just equipped with enough fuel to arrive in international waters. In this regard, Mr. Alfano requested green light and assistance from Brussels to destroy all boats of illegal immigrants. The new European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker knows that this will be one of the hardest to manage records and has the intentaion to create a post of Commissioner for immigration. . Inspirational source could be found checking the following

Aug 27 2014

Tangents on helicopters in India: Finmeccanica to archiving, Agusta negotiate forfeiture from 7.5 million.

Storage for Finmeccanica, plea bargain for the English company AgustaWestland Ltd. and the Italian Agusta Spa involved in the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office in Busto Arsizio on alleged kickbacks for the sale of 12 helicopters to the Indian Government. You start to end the judicial affair of three companies called into question by the pm Eugenio Fusco on the basis of Legislative Decree 231 on the administrative liability of companies. The plea bargain also other fronts will open against AgustaWestland International Ltd and Agusta Spa. In recent months, in fact, the United States Department of the Navy, the British Serious Fraud Office and the Indian Defence Ministry had initiated administrative procedures on the basis of the involvement of two companies in international corruption investigation prosecutors in Busto Arsizio. Tomorrow’s agreement to block the procedure initiated in the United States and Britain, on the basis of the principle of ne bis in idem (nobody can be tried twice for the same crime). Remains open, however, the Indian front, where arbitration is in progress for about two years and where a guarantee has been invoked by 160 million presented by Finmeccanica group companies at the time of participation in the tendering procedure for the sale of helicopters to the Indian Government. On the criminal front, meanwhile, the process that sees international corruption charged the former number one of Finmeccanica, Giuseppe Orsi, and former CEO of AgustaWestland, Bruno Spagnolini, will resume on September 30 with the speeches of defenses. The pm asked Eugeniuo Fusco sentenced to six years for the bears and five for Spagnolini. The 9 October there will be the judgment. Last April the Italian consultant residing in Switzerland, Guido Ralph Haschke-who according to the indictment would have been a tangent-intermediaries, had bargained a year and 10 months imprisonment for corruption internationally. . Original data can be studied reading this article.

Aug 27 2014

Finland: prediction of growth lowered to zero for 2014.

The Finnish Government announced on Wednesday lowered its growth forecast for this year to zero, on a background of crisis in Ukraine and deterioration of the international economic situation. National product gross will not grow this year, said a spokesman for the Government, Markus Sovala, during a press conference in Helsinki. The Government has lowered so repeated its estimates of growth for this year. The last dating back to June, was 0.2%. The economic situation has improved slightly in mid-, and without this improvement GDP would contracted this year, said Mr. Sovala. Finnish GDP declined 1.2% in 2013 after a decline of 1.5% in 2012 (calculation in accordance with the new European system of accounts ESA 2010). According to the Government the private investment will continue falling, while the rate of unemployment, at 8.3% in July, is expected to rise. The export growth should remain at a level below world trade growth, said the spokesman. The Ukrainian crisis and sanctions imposed by Moscow on imports of food products will also degrade the Finnish Economic Outlook. The Government presented a report in which it estimated the direct effect of the embargo to 0.1% of the Finnish GDP. The direct effects are less that what we had feared, but should not minimize these effects, because if the crisis continues, the consequences may be worse, found Prime Minister Alexander Stubb at the press conference. The Finnish Government, which includes left and right parties but excludes the centre, Eurosceptics and the left Alliance, should reach an agreement on the budget of the country for 2015 this week. . Inspirational data can be read clicking this

Aug 27 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge: Renzi, Latt and Cupboard, but we do or are there?.

As many of you know, one of the most popular activities this summer is the Ice Bucket Challenge, namely the awareness campaign to raise funds for research into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). What does? Who is challenged has 24 hours to spill on a bucket of ice-cold water, otherwise you must make a donation (of course can do both). Once you have passed the test, you have the ability to challenge other people. In Italy, the campaign started badly, but is slowly improving: the associazione italiana Aisla has gathered so far 300 thousand euros. Someone complains to the tune of some donations (see the case of 100 euros of Littizzetto), someone says that it is important to donate. To make a donation for research and assistance to people with Als in Italy you can find all the information on the Aisla Facebook page. The most serious issue during this campaign to raise awareness about the behavior of our Government. Those who could actually increase funding for Als patients, you are limited to imitate actors and singers simply pulling a bucketful of water on his head. Or even you are pulled a bucketful of water without even understanding the motivations of this gesture, only to get exposure. But let’s go with order. Few know it, but Radio still has the responsibility for equal opportunities, is the one who could and should also deal with disabilities. Of course, given the recession that brought us with its slide and its broken promises, oblivious to such delegation as would be required to do. Also due to this umpteenth lack is blocked, for example, the two-year action plan for disability adopted in 2013. With his "Ice Bucket Challenge", has once again been shown to prefer form to substance. For those interested in concrete actions, can sign the petition for the appointment of the Minister for equal opportunities, launched by Deputy Giulia Di Vita (M5S) and which has been adhered to all members of the movement 5 Stars, as well as members of other parties and various associations. Another blunder by Renzi, with specific reference to the Sla, is relative to the bottom for the dependent care aimed at indirectly. Currently the State earmarks for 340 million families a year, but according to former Welfare Secretary, Cecilia Guerra (Pd), it would take a billion and a half. As if that weren’t enough, the money is allocated through a system that creates enormous regional inequalities: "a sick families in Lombardy receive double checks than those bells". It’s a fight that has been going on for four years when in 2010 the governoBerlusconi decided to cancel the autosufficienzae not fund social policies. Renzi has so ricevutouna challenge from Deputy Silvia Giordano (M5S), whose mother was diagnosed just als: "don’t get the services that we are, see trampled my mother’s rights and know that the Government prefers to give money for the F35, or for shareholders of the Bank of Italy is one thing, but being teased by those who might do something is really too much. Write this letter has not been easy to believe me, but I can understand advertising donations, I can understand that they do singers, actors, understand it really, but she is the head of Government, if only She wanted, things could change, will? Accepts the challenge? " The sadness of his video commenting alone: 5 seconds where the Sla is not even mentioned by mistake. Congratulations to Renzi for having appointed Minister a person unable to understand the meaning of an awareness campaign. Stefano Daolio, Donatella’s husband, suffering from ALS, commented the behavior of Radio: "there is nothing to ask for money with generic these initiatives: to whom do they go? As you take this money? Every time it seems to return to the beginning of issues: you can’t cope with tragedy and drama with an attitude devoid of any reflection and all knowledge. Really leave with a bad taste in the mouth ". . Root facts may be read reading this home page.

Aug 26 2014

Volvo XC 90: Thor’s hammer.

It’s been about 12 years that Volvo with the XC90 is successfully entered into the market of the noble SUV. Audi Q7, BMW X 5, Mercedes-Benz M-class, VW Touareg & co. are competitors. But except for a rather timid model cosmetics in 2006 the Sweden have done since then not much, to remain competitive. That should now change: in the vicinity of Stockholm, now for the first time, Volvo showed the new XC90. The new XC90 is the first model that was created by the 87-year-old Swedish brand under the aegis of the Chinese Auto Group Geely. Four years ago, they have bought Chinese Volvo von Ford and since then invested more than ten billion US dollars. Not only Geelys Chairman Li Shufu has high expectations in the SUV: the car will be a success, I’ll be proud of it – if not, it is very painful for me. Probably more than that. With the XC90, Volvo except in Europe especially in Asia and the United States to make good lost ground. Product Manager Lars Lagström with the XC90 in the luxury SUV segment wants to introduce new rules of the game. Assistance systems is found abundantly in the order catalog. Especially the run off road protection and a Kreuzungsbremsassistent are new. The run off road protection detects when the car from the road comes off and automatically tightens the front seat belts to keep passengers better on their seats. An energy-sucking area between seat and seat frame should also protect against spinal injuries. Half of all traffic deaths in the United States traced leave on such accidents, in Sweden a third, says Peter Mertens, responsible for research and development at Volvo. The emergency braking system for hybrids, however, automatically slows down the SUV when the rider at the turn in the oncoming traffic threatens to draw. A new feature also ensures that the XC90 in the stop-and-go traffic by itself follows the vehicle ahead: Accelerator, brake and steering are automatically controlled. The advanced Einpark Wizard allows not only parking parallel to the roadway, but rather controls the Volvo also backwards in parking bays. Four cameras with frog eye lenses ensure that a 360-degree all-round visibility around the vehicle from a bird’s-eye view on the screen is displayed. The ambitious aim of Sweden by 2020: Our cars will have no more accidents. It may be that the target audience in Europe at the luxury SUV with ecologically correct four combustion chambers are satisfied. That spoiled customers in Asia and certainly the United States however should be as picky. Under six cylinders need not even get you in this class – eight pots are standard. As it helps the image also only partly, that the strongest XC90 400 HP is blown. The twin-engine strand combines the thanks to Turbo and supercharged of 320 PS strong gasoline engine with an electric motor that delivers 80 HP again. Despite the performance of 294 kW/400 HP, the Plug-In hybrid version according to Volvo just sends 60 grams of CO2 per kilometer by the exhaust. Has the Plug-In Hybrid according to Volvo about 40 kilometers range in pure electric mode. About the prices for the XC90 will be pure front-wheel drive, as well as all cyclists, Volvo still silent out – the bandwidth but is likely between 65 000 and 135 000 $. . You should visit this to discover extra about this great topic.

Aug 26 2014

Montebourg or policy for the inconvenience.

The amateurism of Montebourg and Hamon is perhaps the cause of this impression of mess and decisions taken at inopportune moment. The one and the other didn’t clearly would cause this earthquake. Neither one nor the other wanted to find themselves on the edge of the governmental road. They have so mastered the timing, nor the determination of their criticisms of the economic course set by the head of State. This redesign seems more intervene at inopportune moment that never claimed by Montebourg inflections no were relayed by as many economically more orthodox than his spirits. Never pressure on the German Government was also strong to make it play a little more collective. Mario Draghi via the New York Times, Christine Lagarde’s to,. François Hollande, never the limits of austerity policies have been issued also openly. Ever the need for introduction of flexibility in the application of the dogma on deficits, or the need for a European recovery by investment, had as much good press among economic elites. . You should read the following to read more on this interesting subject.

Aug 26 2014

Terrorists always richer: Isis cashes 2 million dollars per day.

The turnover of Sunni extremists Islamic State (IS the first Isis or Isil) will be around 2 million per day, thanks to various sources of revenue, including oil. Writes Bloomberg, quoting intelligence sources, and counter-terrorism, and stressed that the rebels do not need external donations, because they can rely on the profits generated from the sale of oil, from the payment of ransoms, from extortion and smuggling. For the Is-also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and of Great Syria-are therefore not a threat the diplomatic work carried out by Western countries and possible sanctions against his supporters. "The Islamic State is probably the richest terrorist group ever known," said Matthew Levitt, an expert on Islamic terrorism who has also worked for the u.s. Government, currently Program Director of counter-terrorism and intelligence at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. «Are not integrated into the international financial system-says-and therefore are not vulnerable. " Islamic State, therefore, poses unprecedented challenge to countries that are trying to stop it, according to Bloomberg, when now controls an area between Iraq and Syria United Kingdom’s largest. The phenomenon of self-financing is not entirely new. The Taliban Afghans sell opium, minerals and timber, the Farc Colombian exporting cocaine and Abu Sayyaf rebels in the Philippines as terrorist groups linked to al Qaida in Yemen and North Africa, earn millions of dollars through kidnappings. Difficult to estimate the revenue of these groups, but according to a report of the United Nations, the Taliban would have raised more than $ 400 million in 2011. . Root data can be found visiting this

Aug 26 2014

Olympic bid: Berlin and Hamburg are ready.

Although both concepts at press conferences officially publicly presented on September 1, some details of the planned applications are already leaked. The Sportforum Hohenschönhausen to be used next to the Olympic Park with the sports of athletics, football and hockey as a second centre in Berlin. Sailing, dressage, canoe or rowing, and football games to be held in the States of Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The area of the airport Tegel to accommodate the Olympic village. Hamburg Announces Hanseatic modesty and wants to put on games of short distances. The heart of Olympias to beat on the Kleiner Grasbrook with Olympic Stadium, swimming pool and gym. Team sports and combat could take place in the exhibition halls. 31 of the 35 required venues are available and should be modernised only. Wowereit said that a vote of Berlin will be at the end of the process. As in Hamburg, representatives of the ruling parties stressed always to strive for the application only with a wide support in the population and large sustainability in the use of the sports facilities. Currently, the support of the population in Hamburg seems bigger: polls show 73 percent are hamburgers for Olympia, currently in Berlin 52 percent. In both cities the opponent of a possible Olympic bid have formed long ago in the Alliance NOlympia. In the House of representatives in Berlin, especially the left is critical to a candidacy. The former Harald Wolf Senator for Economics said radio one RBB radio that he will refuse to games in Berlin without a reform of the IOC. Berlin needs no investment in a great event, which lasts two weeks, but investments in the infrastructure of the city, said Wolf. Opponents warn of the enormous costs in the Hanseatic City. . Additional info can be read reading source.

Aug 26 2014

Cristino Ronaldo can decide the moment in which to stop.

Cristiano Ronaldo has freedom to decide when to stop. It is a kind of Pact reached with Ancelotti to retrieve the physical form and, above all, the pace of competition. Against the Córdoba there were phases of the match that gave the feeling of being more tired and have less spark, but when the coach chose to switch to one of the above it decanted to remove to Benzema and give input to Khedira. It was the 75 minute and the party was a coin in the air. Anything could happen because the Cordoba threatened the goal of Casillas. Change adjusted parts in the equipment, which was transformed into a more compact and orderly block. Christian Ronaldo decided to stay on the field even when not actively participating in the actions of attack or had been danger. Your bet turned out well. With Isco, which entered by James, playing from behind could score their goal in the 89th minute. He celebrated it with rage. It was a liberation. "I’m back", said Cristiano Ronaldo nothing more to win the UEFA Super Cup in Cardiff. It was on 12 August and the Portuguese had scored the two goals to Sevilla in a game that did not stop running from top to bottom. What he said in public said it is the coaching staff. He insists that he is well and that you need to play to pick up the pace of competition. It will not jeopardize their health and in two matches against the Atleti in the Supercopa of Spain given its minutes. In the Bernabeu it played no part and in the single Calderon participated in the second. The Portuguese is good. That is, at least, what says Ancelotti and physicians. You need to play and will be the first that monitor your body to prevent injury. This week may make a plan specific work to complete the preseason that has not been able to carry out with the accumulation of matches. In United States it exercised alone and came to play the last quarter of an hour against Manchester United. He was tested in the last match of that tour before the final in Cardiff. He flew in the UEFA Super Cup and became a strain to win the first title. He decided to play the next match in Warsaw against the Fiorentina and returned to demonstrate his physical recovery in the move of counterattack that starts and ends to score the only goal of his team. Faced with the Atleti, a rival leaving no spaces, had difficulties to create goal chances. Took a break and now against the Cordoba has returned to prove that your injury is over and that need is minutes to complete filming. . Main facts could be found reading the following site.